Lincoln Chesterfield Frame Bed


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The Lincoln Chesterfield Frame Bed is the height of luxury, it oozes with modern elegance and is beautifully designed with the Chesterfield button design all around, pure luxury.

We have a variety of colours available:

  • Standard
  • Crushed Velvet
  • Plushed Velvet

UK Wide Delivery Service


Bed Size

3ft Single, 4ft Smal Double, 4ft6 Double, 5ft King Size, 6ft Queen Size

Bed Colours

Standard Grey, Standard Beige, Standard Silver, Standard Black, Standard Brown, Standard Cream, Plush Velvet Steel, Plush Velvet Silver, Plush Velvet Black, Plush Velvet Grey, Plush Velvet Mustard, Plush Velvet Sky, Plush Velvet Mink, Plush Velvet Turquoise, Crushed Velvet 1 (Silver), Crushed Velvet 2 (Light Grey), Crushed Velvet 3 (Grey), Crushed Velvet 4 (Black), Crushed Velvet 5 (Champagne), Crushed Velvet 6 (Turquoise), Crushed Velvet 7 (Purple), Crushed Velvet 8 (Red), Crushed Velvet 9 (Deep Blue), Crushed Velvet 10 (Brown), Crushed Velvet 11 (Bronze), Crushed Velvet 12 (Shiny Black)


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