About Us

Our History Goes Back Over 25 Years

A family of four brothers who worked in the transportation of goods, upholstery, engineering and sales. The four brothers set out to start up their own company which was founded in 1981, in a small warehouse in Manchester, where they began to manufacture furniture building their own sofa’s, beds and living room ranges. They then set out to sell these products in a small showroom. Growing over many years, the company began to expand and opened more branches, including; Wigan, Leigh, Eccles and Preston. Their growth continued and lead to selling furniture across the North-West of England.

By 2000 the brothers had 7 branches in different locations across the North-West and had been to China, Germany and Poland. The company then went on to build a successful online business, wholesaling their stock to ensure the public receive the best products at the most affordable prices available. Establishing a successful and reasonably priced business to look after their customers’ wallets as well as their homes.

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